We are an audiobranding studio based in Barcelona with a wide-ranging background in brand strategy, sound design and musical creativity.

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Sound and music have become essential vehicles for communicating and transmitting information.

The way we relate with brands and the world around us is changing.

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Audiobranding is more than defining how a brand should sound.

It is about strengthening its core character, giving it the capacity to express emotions and broaden its range of action. A solely graphic identity is no longer enough to cover a brand’s needs.

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We believe that creativity and strategy are two concepts that should always go together.

What is more, we have extensive experience in both fields.

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We seek harmony between
technology and soul.

This might seem like a minor detail, but it makes for a significant difference in the result. Our approach to technology is human and craft-based.


Adding sound to your brand involves taking it up to a higher level. It means enabling everyone to be able to hear you. To develop the sound identity of a brand, we apply our own ‘Smart Sound’ methodology.

The Sound of the New UOC.

An audio identity for a Twenty-First Century University

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Design of sound brand identity and strategy

Creation of Sound DNA, the pieces of the brand sound system

Creation of brand sound manual with guidelines for use

Creation of brand sound assets and applications

Talent & artist agreements

Research & sound tracking


Audio-based communication strategy

Audio branded content: creation, production and distribution

Brand experiences in physical, digital and multimedia environments


Sound design for digital interfaces and objects

Sound UX/UI for websites, apps and smart objects

Our team is made up of a large, global network of brand and communication experts, musical creators, sound designers, researchers and creative technologists. To achieve the best results, we select the most adequate team profiles in line with the nature of each project.

Gloria Sallent

Glòria is Director of Strategy at Dadadada. For more than twenty years she has worked on international projects in innovation, brands, culture and music. A thinker and doer, Gloria contributes a fresh, strategic vision to all projects, offering creative insights that she then translates into operative plans, putting them into action.

Jordi Soto

Jordi is Creative Director at Dadadada. He has spent his entire life in the world of music and technology. He’s a collector of vinyl records, a musical selector and consultant, a music promoter and DJ, as well as an artistic director and brand consultant. Jordi knows the music scene and new creative tendencies inside out, and is skilled in detecting and modulating them to create a precise sound for every brand.

Do you work for a brand or agency? Perhaps you are part of a design studio or are working in digital development. If you like, tell us who you are and we’ll let you know what we can do for you. See you (and hear you) later.